Security audit and monitoring of servers and computer network

We have long-term experience in testing the security and data protection of your network. We can test your network for possible risks. Regular security audits are performed regularly and are included in the price of the basic monthly fee.

What does a security audit mean?

  • Performing a server penetration test on all available operating systems
  • Scanning ports and applications for security vulnerabilities
  • Testing all known vulnerabilities issued on the day of testing
  • Vulnerability assessment and its impact on safety and vulnerability under the Common Vulnerability Scoring System - a generally accepted method, recommended by CSIRT.SK
  • Comprehensive report of detected vulnerabilities
  • Report analysis and design, or remediation, if requested
  • Results of audit are fully acceptable by audit firms
  • Accepted for ISO 27001 security certificate audit

Monitoring of servers and system services

Our company is primarily trying to prevent problems. That's why we have deployed professional solutions for server and system monitoring. We have long-term experience with automatic server monitoring and monitoring of required parameters, independent of the server operating system.
  • Monitoring the server status
  • Analysis of server utilization - operating memory, available disk space, resource utilization (CPU)
  • Warning when limits are exceeded
  • Monitoring the status of various services and their parameters - ftp, exchange, web server
  • Automated availability check of individual sites
  • Set up for automatic mail, SMS or jabber operator alerts
  • Ability to set up automatic scripts after alert creation
  • History of values in comprehensive graphs and reports